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Stylish Silver Earrings with Green Stones and Black Overlay
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Here is a pair of temple earrings that are exclusively designed and can help to boost your traditional look or can gel well with your casual attire. The temple dome shape earrings have a very simple but elegant design. At its center a silver flower appears that contains a single green stone. on either of its sides two elephants, which are golden in color, are carved in. the clever use of golden and silver color over a black overlay helps the design to stand-out. The space within the earrings has been utilized to the fullest. Not a single portion has been left blank. Starting right at the top till its base every inch has been covered with either silver or golden design. At the base of the earring, the portion that will be dangling from your lobe, seven golden hoops are placed at an equal distance. From each of these hoops, a single kettle-bell which is golden in color can be seen dangling. This type of jewelry has an antique charm to them and thus can be worn with any attire for any occasion; although, it might be better to wear it with traditional attires.

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Exclusive Silver Earring


Silver with Black Overlay



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